The Winklevoss brothers will make a film about their acquaintance with bitcoin

The Winklevoss brothers will make a film about their acquaintance with bitcoin

The founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, enlisted Hollywood producers to create a film about their acquaintance with bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

The Winklevoss brothers decided to screen the book “Bitcoin Billionaires” by American writer Ben Mezrich. The book tells the biography of the brothers, as well as about their legal battle with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, which ended with the payment of $65 million to the twins in June 2011. Mezrich also wrote the book “Billionaires against their Will”, which was used to make the film “The Social Network” about Mark Zuckerberg and the history of the emergence of Facebook.

In 2013, the Winklevoss invested $11 million in bitcoin, and subsequently became the world’s first cryptocurrency billionaires.

To create the film, the twins enlisted the film studio Stampede Ventures, which is owned by the former president of Warner Bros. Greg Silverman. The project will be attended by producer Jon Berg (Jon Berg), who worked on the blockbusters “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman”. Silverman said that the idea of making a film about the Winklevoss brothers came to him after reading Mezrich’s book. Silverman’s son received as a gift one of the first copies of “Bitcoin billionaires” from the Winklevoss themselves, during an internship at Winklevoss Capital.

“After reading the book, it immediately became clear that the story of Tyler and Cameron, their acquaintance with bitcoin and their further development in the cryptocurrency industry will form the basis of an outstanding film. The brothers can be compared to Rocky Balboa, who came to conquer Wall Street, ” commented Greg Silverman.

Recall that in January, Gemini opened an insurance company Nakamoto Ltd with $200 million for its own custody service Gemini Custody, and in November last year, the exchange bought the Nifty Gateway platform, where users can purchase non-exchangeable tokens (NFT).