CNBC host Pete Najarian: “Traders are already familiar with Bitcoin»

CNBC host Pete Najarian: "Traders are already familiar with Bitcoin»

One of the leading traders of the CNBC channel and co-founder of the Market Rebellion program Pete Najarian drew attention to the cryptocurrency market and advised viewers to do the same.

During the interview
with Melissa Lee) Najarian admitted that for a long time he did not touch the topic of cryptocurrencies. However, he has recently paid close attention to bitcoin trading and believes that this is a very promising market.

“I think that people have become much more comfortable when trading bitcoin than they were a couple of years ago. Every year, bitcoin becomes more familiar to traders. Around the world, users have begun to delve into the topic of cryptocurrencies, and this will result in a huge market. I myself pay attention to cryptocurrencies. My brother John has been trading bitcoin for several years, ” Najarian said.

The trader noted the good results of the first cryptocurrency in 2020. In recent weeks, the BTC exchange rate has shown a significant increase and surpassed the indicators of gold, and also ceased to correlate with the stock market charts.

“Some of us have been avoiding this topic for too long, including me, but now the topic of cryptocurrencies is on the rise. I know that there is a huge volatility, but in the long term, the growth of cryptocurrencies is parabolic compared to other assets,” Najarian said.

He said that his brother John keeps 5 to 10 percent of his investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies. In September, the host of the show “Mad Money” on CNBC, Jim Cramer (Jim Cramer) called
bitcoin is a good choice for investment.