Fitch Rating: “Cryptocurrencies have great potential»

Fitch Rating: "Cryptocurrencies have great potential»

According to analysts of the rating agency Fitch Rating, in the short term, cryptocurrencies are unlikely to affect credit policy, but in the future they can help in the modernization of the financial system.

The researchers noted that cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, especially after PayPal launched digital asset trading on its platform. Also, the launch of cryptocurrency services was announced by the payment companies Visa and Mastercard, but the full-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies is still far away.

PayPal’s launch of cryptocurrency buying and selling features was “one of the first real and large-scale cryptocurrency use cases in the United States.” Fitch Rating analysts stressed:

“We do not think that investing in cryptocurrencies will have any significant impact on the credit profiles of citizens, given the small amount of investment and the long growth time. However, the functions of working with cryptocurrencies provide new revenue opportunities for companies, even if the return on investment is not determined.”

Analysts agree that cryptocurrency and blockchain can improve the financial system is to speed up calculations, reducing the fee to remove intermediaries in the flow of funds. But for a full-fledged modernization, adequate regulation of cryptocurrencies is necessary.

Earlier, Gartner analysts expressed confidence that centralized payment companies will have to integrate stablecoin support for payments and transfers.