announces partnership with onchain Custodian

Ledn launches bitcoin-backed loans in DAI stablecoin for Latin American clients

Cryptocurrency exchange announced cooperation with Singapore’s castodial service Onchain Custodian and insurance company Lockton for the storage of crypto assets.
According to and Onchain Custodian management, due to numerous hacking attacks and problems with the functioning of exchanges, many investors are beginning to lose confidence in centralized exchanges. believes that additional security of user assets is needed. Protected storage and insurance will be able to create a reliable trading environment, ensuring the security of the entire infrastructure of the cryptocurrency market, up to the use of the latest technologies and the process of trading.

“Since the opening of the exchange in 2017, security has always been one of our highest priorities. To protect users’ tools, we partner with the world’s leading companies such as Chainalysis. Now we are further improving the protection of traders’ assets. Onchain Custodian audit system and Lockton insurance company will provide an additional layer of consumer protection,” said Global CEO Johnny Lyu.

This month, integrated a solution that allows users to control their private keys, as well as began developing a platform for over-the-counter trading in cryptocurrencies.