Sparkpool develops a solution to combat trading bots in DeFi

Sparkpool develops a solution to combat trading bots in DeFi

Sparkpool is preparing to launch the Taichi Network mining network, one of the functions of which will be “anonymous transactions”, which will solve the problem with trading bots in the DeFi industry.

Now trading on decentralized platforms is overshadowed by the dominance of arbitrage trading bots that track transactions in the Ethereum mempool and, when a profitable transaction is detected, create similar operations with an increased Commission. This allows the bot to complete the transaction faster and make a profit.

A separate network for DeFI transactions will make them more anonymous. Miners processing transactions on Sparkpool will not broadcast the selected transactions to other miners. This will allow you to get a higher degree of protection from bots. However, Sparkpool itself will have access to transaction data and, if desired, will be able to launch its own arbitrage trading bots.

Sparkpool co-founder Xin Xu emphasized that the Taichi Network is being developed for the “common good” of the entire Ethereum ecosystem. The launch of the network will take place in stages and will begin this month:

“we will offer the functions of the Taichi Network as an infrastructure project for the Ethereum ecosystem. Let’s look at the reaction of the community.

at the moment, Sparkpool’s share is 23% of the total hashrate of the Ethereum network. The company recently launched the
GasNow tool for predicting the price of gas in Ethereum.