In Russia, bitcoin was first included in the authorized capital of LLC

In Russia, bitcoin was first included in the authorized capital of LLC

A new co-owner who invested 0.1 BTC (about 50 thousand rubles) in the authorized capital of the organization was added to the founders of Artel LLC, which is engaged in software development.

This was announced by the main owner of Artel LLC, Mikhail Uspensky, adding that the operation was not performed immediately. First of all, it was necessary to conduct additional checks and study the legal subtleties – to make sure that the transaction would not contradict Russian legislation. Specialists of the “Artel” had to check the” history “of coins so that bitcoin was “clean” and had not previously been used in illegal transactions. Otherwise, a criminal case could be opened against the company.

To make bitcoin in the authorized capital of the “Gang” signed all corporate documents, register the changes with the tax authorities and the documents assured at the notary.

As the managing partner of the EBR law firm, Alexander Zhuravlev, noted, now you can not only trade cryptocurrency, but also invest it in business. Given that this year the civil code of the Russian Federation included article 141.1 “Digital rights”, which considers cryptocurrency from the point of view of property rights, adding bitcoin to the authorized capital is legal if a thorough assessment and verification of the cryptocurrency is carried out.

Mikhail Uspensky added that this operation was performed in Russia for the first time, and if other entrepreneurs follow the example of their partner, this will have a positive impact on the turnover of cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. In addition, such an experiment with digital assets can open up new prospects for the development of the Russian economy.

Recall that in early November, the state Duma began discussing amendments to the draft law “on digital financial assets”, according to which Russian startups will be able to place their token on a cryptocurrency exchange, and foreign investors will be able to buy it in exchange for digital rights.